Feb 28, 2013

right time

The last day of winter and it is raining here.  And in the bed with warm blanket you find yourself so comfortable and safe.  I just can go to make one more cup of my pepper mint tea and think about all things I want to do and to say.
It is maybe the best time to start blog on these kinds of days. Or in my case it is the best time for the first post in there.
It is enough blog to take inspiration from. U can take ideas and enjoy nice pictures from all over the world in any kind of subject. But I found myself that I want to share my thoughts and discoveries and maybe some failures with you too.
For me the hardest part is to start. All thought about what is really important to say, how to impress or what is the aim of all what u going to present. And put all you think it is right to say in the sheet.
Maybe the right way is not to say all things because u don’t need to do that. Nobody asks you to do it too.  With your lifestyle blog you are free to write and do whatever u want. So what is the point?  
It is just the first post, for me I made some “first posts” before in other blogs which I started and did not continue anymore.  U all can ask why. But it is just because I am still looking for the way how I want to express myself and if I need blog for that. In my minds I always like writing some posts and making pictures for not existent blog, think how I can put it downs on the blog and etc.  I think I made some really good posts in my mind for sure. But then it comes to do that I become lazy a little. Or maybe lazy is not that right word for my emotional stand on finally doing it often.  It is more about being perfect in all you do.
 I see a vision of this blog now and I really want to do it in this way. It will contain all part of my life – all I am interested to tell or discuss with you, all I want to show or to write that might be helpful in your daily life to make it better with my own examples. I want to gain more experiences and meet more interesting people and show this part in this blog too.
So let’s do it.
Enjoy my little moments.
xx Moni

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