Mar 7, 2013

Travel the Spain #1 Hiking day at Cabeço D'or, Alicante

Hiking gang
At the moment I am studying at University of Alicante, Spain like ERASMUS student. It was one of the reasons I actually made this blog at first. In order to put all news and pictures of places I visit for all people I know. I was trying to make life easier for by not to sending everything to all separately and telling the same stories all over again. In the end it turns out in a little bit different way like more personal and as I can see it going to be more related with things I like not even where I went or what I done in my daily life.
So one of the post series I am planning to do will be about traveling and places which I visited, with some advices and rewiews based on my own experience.

So this time I will tell you about one of the first trip-adventure I made when I came here to Alicante.

A little bit Pr-history I was lucky to know one Spanish boy before I came here. I made some contacts with him while I was looking for flats to live. He is from Alicante so yes, he knows better places which is really worth it to see and activities to do. So one day he suggested  go for hiking. I knew something about hiking, but I imagine it in other way - more walking and not climbing so much. I thought it is going to be nice day for like calm walk to some mountain and even not so big one - just day in the nature. As I really like sports and walking I thought that is really good idea to spend some nice time with new friends, see the surroundings and have active day. But it turns out to be not so easy as I thought. I will be honest I have  some moments in this trip while I was so scared that I almost went to tears of being afraid. But in the end of everything then we was walking downs safe all i could think of was how I am lucky to have this experience and I definitely would do it again even with the worst parts of it. It was really good day to start my ERASMUS travelling experience in surroundings of beautiful Alicante.

About the place Cabeço D'or (the Golden Ox) is a mountain located in the province of Alicante and it is the main peak of the mountain which belongs to the municiplaity of Alicante near the town of Busot. The top of the peak is locates 1,210 meters above sea level. Thorough it takes several hiking trails of varying difficulty. Inside are Canelobre caves which feature one of the most spectacular vaults in Spain, about 70m. Besides its geological interest and tourism, the caves have been used on numerous occasions to perform concerts leveraging its superb acoustics. Hike to the top of the mountain will ask you for a little bit of efforts, you really should use your hand and grab a branch sometimes ( I actually really enjoy the part we need to climb to the top not as much as go down but in the end it was  really fun too). Going down is bit tricky because of the little rocks. If u like adventures or skiing it will be like nothing to you, but for me it was new thing and I was really scared like a kid. I said something like maybe it is better to stay up there with that marvelous view and not be dead in the hole coming down.
Review As I said before it was amazing experience for me and you can see the view. It is amazing and I think no one could say differently. It is really worth it to see and to try if you are staying near for a while. All u need is just to rent a car (or have one), grab bicycle and make it your experience too with the sights  you never gonna forget and some active time which is really good for your body (you don't need any gyms after this one). By the way  don't forget to take some warm clothes with you (even if it is Spain there could be cold up there - it was our mistake undress not so warm because we was so happy about whether here when in our country at that time was like -10 or more), some really comfortable shoes and pack something to eat where gonna be nice places to sit for the rest and have good picnics and time for talking.  

I hope you will go to visit this amazing place and let me know about your adventure there. 

You all know that the best things we have is today and opportunities to see something we never saw before and to make new experiences in new places.
Enjoy your life and travel and travel while you can. Is the best time you can have!!!

xx Moni

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