Mar 12, 2013

Travel the Spain #2 afternoon with girls in Elche

Pr-history we was planning this little trip for a while and it always turned out that we are not going. This place is like 30 minutes by car or bus from Alicante and it took us so long to go there. Too much excuses - rain , studies and etc. But when we was already decided not to go sun just came up after lunch and we just took a car and went there for a walk and coffee. 

About the place Elche is city located in the Alicante province. All the roads leading to Elche are lined with palm trees. And this city is known for the amazing parks located in the heart of the city, next to the Palacio de Altamira, the Basilica of St. Mary and the river Vinalopó. It is the result of the incorporation of various gardens, all forming part of the Elche Palm History, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. Surprise the foliage of the park, there is great diversity in flora, although known for its abundance of palm trees. A delight of urban space highly valued by Elche and worth visiting.

Let's have a look...

Let's go for a walk..
Basilica of St. Mary
Basilica of St. Mary
Cafe Paris
Review Definitely will go again because it is really close to where I live now and you can enjoy the afternoon in that beautiful park even on your own. Relax and clear your mind in some different and exotic place. Some moments in there i felt like I am in California with all these palm trees.  If u are in the area u should go for that and if u live close u should take your friends who planning to visit you even just for those beautiful photos you can make in there. But still I have one complaint about cafe we went. I did not enjoy my coffee there at all, but girls loved churros with hot chocolate so this place is bad just for me or my choice of the treat. 


Planning to go back there and explore this city more. I also want to see a Garden of healing (Huelto del cural), Arenales del Sol and for sure find some better place for coffee.
Write me how do u like this place and if u did not visited it yet go for that. 


*Some photos are taken by my friend from Poland Klaudia Soszynska who was that day with me.

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