Jul 22, 2013

Travel the Spain #7 Morning walk and a lot more in Cordoba - Andalusia (Part II)

Oh, it is Monday again and I am continuing about my trip thorough Andalusia. So lets go to Cordoba this time...

Pr-history After day in Granada full of new impressions about Spain next morning we got up and drove to next our destination - Cordoba. The amazing and sunny day was waiting for us there full of new things to see. We reached our hostel full of Spanish spirit and went to explore the city.
About the place At 11th century Cordoba was one of the most important capitals in Europe. People of the most different cultures and religions - Jews, Muslims and Christians - were living peacefully together, and important philosophers, scientists and artists emerged from here. The biggest attraction in Cordoba and a truly must-see building is - the Mezquita. It is a massive former mosque-turned-cathedral famed for its "forest" of columns topped with Islamic-style red and white striped arches among its other many architectural highlights and serves as a reminder of the glory and importance Cordoba held in medieval times. You need to have few hours for this place to see. A tangle of narrow medieval streets surrounding the Mezquita the Old City of Cordoba is just uphill from the muddy Guadalquivir River and contains the vast majority of Cordoba's tourist attractions. There your really must to see Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, Calle de las Flores, Synagogue and go through Roman Bridge. Even if you like ancient cities Cordoba has its modern commercial center. This is a town of Flamenco and bullfighting.

Review Day in Cordoba was sunny and way more beautiful than day before. We visited almost all places which we planned to see. The most interesting for me was Mosque-Cathedral.  It was consecrated as the mother church of the Diocese in the 1236. We did not have chance to see Flamenco or bullfighting, but one thing I discovered in this city was morning walks. When my girls was sleeping after long day surfing the city day before I woke up earlier (I usually am morning person so it was kind of normal for me) and went to see the city during sun rise. And I can swear it was AMAZING. The city was quite and beautiful. I try this thing two morning after in Seville as well, but about this I will talk in next Monday post about my trip in Andalusia. Also in Cordoba I tried espinacas con Garbanzos for dinner in local restaurant. I was really happy for my choice and already tried this dish few times in my kitchen (One post about this will be soon as well). During my stay in Cordoba I discover few things I added in my favorite list (like one of my favorite Spanish dish and one more activity I like in undiscovered place) so I give big 10 for this city and recommend to visit.
MY Morning walk
MY Morning walk
Spinach with Garbanzo beans

Place we stayed in
What you can find when you do not look for anything
Maybe you want to go for a ride??

Which places and activities you discover during these almost 2 months of summer?? Hope you all have great time and a lot lot of sun.  

xx Moni

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