Jul 1, 2013

Travel the Spain #6 In love with Alhambra, Granada - Andalusia (Part I)

Its been a while I did not post anything here. It was quite strange time in my life with some changes again. I was thinking to end my blogging experience for a while, but it is still so much to tell and to share with the world that I can not stop now. I hope I will be more faithful for my BLOG and my readers during the summer. At the moment I am at home after my ERASMUS life in Spain and staying at my hometown with family. And I will be here for all summer because I am doing my university internship in one of the biggest company of dairy products in my country and it will last 7-8 weeks. Here in my town is not so much to do after work so I will have time for blogging - nice memories and lifestyle tips.

So I continue about my experience in amazing places in Andalusia...  

Pr-history Granada was the first place I with my traveling team visited in Andalusia. The girls came there one day earlier and surfed the city more than me day before I joined them. At the first beginning they asked me what I want to see more - the city or the most important place in Granada - Alhambra. In the end I decided to go to Alhambra because I heard that person should see this place for sure while he is in Andalusia. The biggest impression for me I think was when I wake up in the bus and looked thorough the window. I left my city to go in early morning about 3a.m. and for sure I fell asleep for all the trip. The view was a bit unexpected - I saw the mountain with the snow on the top. This kind of picture in not what you think then you talking about Spain. And it was Sierra Nevada - mountain range in the region of Andalusia at Granada province. After that all I saw it was unexpected and so different as I mentioned before. After a bit more time in the bus I reached my destination - Granada.

About the city City is located not only at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains but also at the confluence of three rivers. Granada is almost the heart of Spain most visited by tourist from all the world. This place was a capital of Moorish Andalusia for a long-time. It offers the most important reminds of this epoch in Spain history. Granada shaped by the hills, narrow streets, beautiful nooks and crannies and marvelous landscape. Also like most famous cities in Spain it has its new part of the city. As I mentioned I did not had a lot of time to surf the city more so from my experience what I visited was Church of Santo Domingo and the famous Alhambra. There is much more what to visit like Cathedral, CapillalReal, La Lonja, Corral del Carbon, La Madraza and etc. Walking through beautiful gardens, charming narrow streets filled with flowers and little desks with all kind of tea to offer for visitors to buy (what was interesting for me as I am big fan of all kind of tea), sitting down in one of those typical tavernas or Arabic places for all kind of tea to try and breath the centuries of history around you anywhere. Granada of course is known as the city with Alhambra and the possibility for winter sports even if it sounds strange. I did not have chance to try any winter sport during my visit but I visited Alhambra and fell in love with this place.

About the place Alhambra is Andalusian Islamic historical legacy with its many cultural attractions which was built between the XIII and the XIV centuries. Certainly, the Alhambra and the Generalife are the main symbols of the splendor and power reached by the Nasrid dynasty. It is more than a just a palace - it is an entire walled city within the city of Granada. There are royal apartments, forts, gardens, pavilions, and barracks. All this surrounded by an impressive wall. The inside and outside decoration consists, as a rule, of Arabic inscriptions that are manipulated into sacred geometrical patterns wrought into arabesques. Islamic art uses geometric patterns, especially symmetric (repeating) patterns. With this in mind we can find that the palace is decorated with stone and wood carvings and tile patterns on most of the ceilings, walls, and floors. The design and structure in the Nasrid Palace is considered to be the finest examples of Islamic architectural art to be found outside of the Islamic world. So maybe that is why there I felt like in different part of the world.

Review It is just one description about this place - GO - SEE - AND FEEL THE SPIRIT. If you do not have enough money for trip to Arabia so go to Spain and have amazing time with winter sport and Arabic world in the place of Granada and after that enjoy the sun at the sunny beaches. And of course do not forget to try some kind of different flavor of tea in Granada during relaxing break after long walking in Alhambra. By the way, one more tip before traveling there - book the tickets to escape from waiting in the crowd.  

I hope you all have amazing plans for summer already. And I wish for you and for me that July will be amazing.  Never forget to enjoy every minute of your life. No regrets just do what you love. And always remember that after bad times always comes good ones. 

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