Mar 23, 2013

Healthy choices #1 lemon water

One of my first things i like to do in early morning is to have glass of lemon water.  
When I started to do more researches about healthy lifestyle it was one of the first thing which I put in my daily routine. And after a while I realize that for me it really helps to wake up my body in the morning and also gives me a good package of vitamin C. So I decided to share with you what I know about its benefits and potential disadvantages and maybe you will try it tomorrow and it will helps you too.

  • It assists the body to  flush away toxins and improves digestion. It also will make your skin glow. And if you heat water a little it can be like a sauna for your face because hotter temperature contributes to skin cleansing.
  • The lemon also provides vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C which is in lemon supports some of your body function and that includes of making carnitine(it helps not to store fats you getting with food in your body making). It is definitely not true that somehow in a magically way burns all the fats in your body and makes you skinny but it just helps in that progress. Vitamin C is also great for creating better immune system (like fight with cold).  And because of high containing of potassium in lemon it helps stimulate your brain and nerve functions and control blood pressure.
  • Less in calories.You can replace fizzy sugary drinks or soda to lemon water and in addition it will helps you to lose weight easier.  It is more about replacing bad habits for better and healthier ones for your body. For sure I did not suggest you to give up on your morning pleasures like cup of coffee or tea instead. It is just one thing you can have before morning shower or exercises and after 30 minutes you can enjoy your breakfasts. *And please do not replace your breakfasts to that, because it is not enough calories intakes for good start of the day. It can be a part of your healthy breakfasts.  
  • If u drink lemon (or any other acidic fruit) with hot water it eventually can damage your teeth by eroding your enamel of it. 
  • You can notice that u have an allergy. *And you also should know that too much of something is never good.

How u can make one for yourself:
  • Squeeze the juice from 1/2 a fresh lemon in a glass;
  • Fill it with water - warm, room temperature or cold (for me I prefer use warm in the morning);
  • Stir and drink ;

Hope You all had good day today and I hope you are ready for the night - here in Alicante almost all are in Spring festival. Have a nice weekend.

Let me know what is your first thing you do in the morning to wake up.


*By the way do you know that if u drink lemon water 28 days it the raw it will become your daily habit. Maybe it can be your next 28 days challenge. 

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