Apr 10, 2013

Dinner Time #3 Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon

It took me so long to come back on track with all blog posts. I have million ideas in my head about what I wan to share with You all. These two week was really amazing !!! 

So first of all I would like to share easy and really tasteful recipe of roasted chicken I made for my little ERASMUS family on Easter dinner. It was way too much for 8 skinny girls (maybe of desserts and snacks too), but I hope all of them was happy and content. Easters are Easters no matter where you are. 

Recipe: Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon


Summary: While in my country was snowing on Easter day my home in Spain was full of rosemary smell
When I thought about making the dinner for Easters first idea was roasted chicken. Back in my home it is usual dish with all marinates for night and mustard or mayonnaise mixtures what I don't fancy at all. This time I wanted something fresh, simple and quick to make (also more healthy). And suddenly it came to me this idea about rosemary and lemons! Trust me - this combination of lemon, rosemary and garlic is perfect for roasted chicken and it is so healthy too (without extra fats or carbohydrates).   

  • 10 Chicken quarter (about 4-5kg);
  • 4-5 big Lemons;
  • 1 big Garlic;
  • 1 Onion;
  • Fresh Rosemary leaves;
  • Pinch of herbs de Provence and Rosemaria;
  • Sea salt;
  • Black peppers;
  • Fresh grounded black peppers; 
  • Olive oil;
  1. Prepare all your ingredients. Cut chicken quarters in two peaces and clean them really good. You can take the skin off if you don't like with it. Also cut your lemons in quarters and leave one just to squeeze juices from it on top of prepared dish before putting it in the oven. Cut the onion, mince and mash the garlic.
  2. In a baking pan put peaces of chicken that you prepare before. Splash olive oil, salt and peppers with herbs on it. Also put the onion and garlic and squeeze the lemon. Then with hands mix and mash it into the skin of chicken and leave it for an hour.
  3. After just put fresh rosemary and quarters of lemon all over the dish. Splash some herbs, salt or peppers if you like.
  4. Preheat your oven until 180 C and put baking pan there for 45-55 minutes or until then the chicken will be baked and the skin crisps.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes and remove lemons. Serve with salads or roasted vegetables and enjoy with your friends and family.
Quick notes: During the baking always check if it is not burned. Don't be afraid that lemons will burn - you need to be sure that chicken is ready.
Variations: You also can cook whole chicken and put all ingredients inside or under the skin. It is really good possibility to put some vegetables as carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and roaste together too.
Preparation time: 30-45 minutes (+1hour waiting).
Cooking time: 45-55 minutes.

Diet tags: Hight in proteins as all my dishes I post here. No extra fats like in other kind of marinates just a olive oil. And u can serve it with fresh salads or roasted vegetables that is really healthy too.

Number of servings: We prepared it for 8 girls, but all get some lefties for next day lunch ( I felt like my grandmother putting all in the boxes for my girls). It is way too much for that amount of girls, but I think boys would not have a problem with that at all - especially on the Easter dinner.
My rating 5 stars:★★★
Friend(-s) rating 5 stars:★★★★

Prepare it for your family on Sunday dinner. It is really easy and not too expensive. I am sure all going to like it for sure. Write me what you think and how you succeeded on preparing this dish.
What You cooked for your Easter dinner?

Hope You all having amazing week after holidays.



  1. Qué buena combinación Mónika!

    Me anima a probar a hacerlo yo también :)

    ¿De dónde has conseguido las hojas frescas de romero?

    1. gracias Nora;)
      Espero que lo intentaré.
      Dime cómo era
      Yo me compro en supermercado Al campo en el Plaza Mar 2.