May 13, 2013

Travel the Spain #5 Manhattan in Spain - Benidorm / Beniyork

Pr-history I always have a crush (if I can say like that about places) for big cities. On top of my cities I need to visit/live is New York, USA and I been dreaming about it for a while. And now I found some kind of alternative for that here in Spain. Actually, BENIDORM is way far from how I imagine real Manhattan in New York city, but still they here in Spain called this place like that and I can understand why. I already had opportunity to visited this place two times.  One day it was when we went for a road trip (which I already mentioned in my Blog) after visiting small city Guadalest and another time we just took local train - TRAM (click for timetables and directions) with my other girlfriend from my home town who was visiting me just week before.

About the place Mostly why this place is comparing to New York is for its hotel industry and skyscrapers. They was build as a result of its tourist-oriented economy.  I think that because of unique skyline formed by its numerous tall hotels and apartment buildings this place is unlike any other on the Costa Blanca. But it is also a true Spanish beauty of the Costa Blanca because of Blue Flag beaches - five kilometers beaches who can satisfy your senses and boasts some of the best urban beaches in Europe for sure. This place is really famous of its night life too. But I can not say much about that because both times I was there just for a daytime. Benidorm is really full of tourists especially from UK, Belgium, Germany and Netherlands. You can not hide from them in any place close to Costa Blanca. I heard that now it is really popular place for older people too. No one can not resist of it first beauty impression of the beach and suggestions what you can do (parties, restaurants, coffees, water attractions,  theme parks). This place is really attractive for visiting and for having all week (or year) holidays as well. 

Review When I first saw pictures of this place while I still was in Lithuania I said to me that I definitely need to visit this city during my stay in Alicante. It looked so good and it is really nice place with amazing view. It did not disappoint me at all. But I think I am not going to go there again. I liked it to visit and see but it is to much touristic place to stay for me. Also both times we had nice Mediterranean food lunch on restaurants close to the beach but it was a bit disappointing of the preparation - nothing so special and Gazpacho I had second time was too salty for me. But this place is famous for good kitchen so I recommend you before visiting to read about places which people recommend to eat and you would not be disappointing at all. 

 Even summer is so soon and all exams and final works as well you can manage to have some nice little holidays or escape to such beautiful places like Benidorm or Alicante. 
Yesterday was my last day with family which visited me in Spain and I am getting back on track from today with loads loads of lists and things to do for my last 5* weeks in Spain. 
Hope you all have amazing week as I did and let's go for new week!!! Summer is so so soon.
Enjoy your little moments!



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