May 15, 2013

Beauty obsessions APRIL

 I am starting posts about beauty products too. I found these kinds of posts useful for me when I need to hear some opinion or review about things/products I am thinking to buy mostly in order to be sure that it is really good quality. I am that kind of person who will save money for the product and have one good instead of a lot not so. So in this case I need some advices as well. Every month I will talk about 5 my beauty obsession. I know that it is a middle of May already and I have new obsession now but this time I will tell you about products from April.  So here we go...

  1.  L'Occitane dry skin hand cream - I have this hand cream for a while. I got it from my godmother for a Christmas and I am using it since.  Actually I felt in love with this product from at first but I was saving it and keeping it for occasions. But during April while tanning season is up her in Alicante I started using it really often now. It is so good for dry hands. It has 20proc. of Shea butter together with coconut oil, honey, almond extracts and because of its rich texture is rapidly absorbed to leave the hands soft and smooth with no oily sense. I think they do not produce this product in this nice package anymore (it was limited edition) but they have something similar now - Shea Butter hand cream. 
  2. YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Lipstick #Tasty raspberry - Sheer light pink with shimmer. I can say that I am not big fan of lipsticks at all. I have few in my life but I was not so much into having a lot never. But I decided to buy one for my birthday and while YSL lipsticks was high recommended because of its quality and texture so I decided to have one from there. I was thinking about the colour until the last minute and I bought pinky one. I like more nude colours but because according to the assistance in shop with nude one I looked without lips. I love this product not because of its colour - I need to work on that by picking right ones for me - but because it is so nice on your lips. I hate one thing about lipsticks that they give like a weight on your lips and with this one lips feels soft and hydrate. And about colour if it is not my favourite one but it will be good for summer with its nice shimmer.
  3. Body Farm Body Butter Cocoa Butter - This product was my discovery here in Alicante while I was looking for BODY SHOP (I was really big fan of their body butters for a while).  The smell impress me the most. After using it you can smell like chocolate and I loved it because of that. It makes you smooth and calm after shower right before bed. It is also parabens, silicon, colorant, mineral oil and brobylene glycol free. Because of that it is not harmful for your body. I am looking forward to buy something for summer from Body Farm again because this smell of cocoa butter is better for evenings or cold days of winter. And for summer I want something fresh and hydrating for my body.
  4. Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50+ Face Cream For Reactive Skin - Tanning season in Spain begins a little bit earlier than in my country. During past few years I did not even need any products with such high SPF. But here I bought it for my face protection. I am sure even with this high protection my face will be tanned before coming home for sure.  Now sun is really dangerous especially for a daytime so this cream is perfect for skin. Most of the people are looking for nice smell, good texture and SPF. But I liked this product because of what it contains – Octocrylene (UVB protection), Titanium Dioxide (protects across the entire UVA and UVB spectrum), Parsol (protect again entire range of the sun’s UVA rays). It sound like chemical codes, but because of these elements your shin is highly protected from sun.  So I was really content about this buy and I hope it will be useful as it sounds.
  5. Chanel Soliel Tan de Chanel  #917 Sable Rose - It was gift from myself last summer during our little trip to Manchester city. I was amazed by this product on the CHANEL 2012 summer collection. But I was not even thinking to buy it for myself at first. After long summer of hard work I decided to buy it whatever. But at first I was not so happy for that, or I do not know how to use it right for me. So I was saving it for a while. But during the spring I fell in love with it not only like a bronzing powder but more like a blush. It has 7 stripes of colour so I am using it like eye shadows sometimes. One product and 3 possibilities to use.  The colours are perfect for me and texture is amazing as well. Because of that I am thinking to get something more for my make up from Chanel.  

So this is all for this time of my little obsessions for beauty product during April. Some new some just new discovered but still all really good. I still have some savings from birthday gifts so I am thinking about new obsessions for June. I still need to find some right perfumes and blush for me. 
Any ideas or suggestions of your favorite perfumes or blushes for summer?



  1. p.s try Marc By Marc Jacobs- "Eau so fresh" perfume, you might like it;}

    1. Thanks :)
      It was one of my favorite few year ago. I did not have them but i loved the smell.
      I will check it again in the shop, but still I remember that its not really long lasting perfume and it is quite important.