Jun 3, 2013

Travel the Spain #5 Different part of Spain - Andalusia (introduction)

Pr-history There is no question that traveling and discovering new cultures is the most amazing way to spend your holidays. So even if I already have nice trips around my temporary home in Alicante I was thinking that I want to see something more in Spain and I dreamed about trip to Southern part of Spain - Andalusia.  I heard that it is something completely different than Costa Blanca (actually it is). And for this dream it was chance to come true when my three ERASMUS friends suggested me to go with them on the other road trip to see this amazing corner of Spain full of Arabic spirit during Semana Santa (Easter Holidays). 
About the place Andalusia is a region which has been coveted by many different cultures throughout history and prehistory. It presents 17,3proc. of Spain like land of culture, history, fiestas, nature areas and excellent food. The territory is divided into eight provinces and has been an object of desire for the most advanced cultures and civilizations since the beginnings of history. Iberians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans laid the foundations of many of the cities which today amaze us with their artistic, historic and natural heritage. Seville and Granada are the queens, but less-known cities such as Córdoba, Almería and Málaga each have a rich mix of castles, palaces, churches and squares. The region also takes in mountains – including the Sierra Nevada, Spain’s highest range. Andalusia is also the birthplace of tapas, the classic titbits that Spaniards love to tuck into as they drinking or spending time with friends and family.
Review The places I saw and the spirit I felt it was worth to go 100proc. I was amazed all the time about the Arabic culture which you can feel on almost every corner. We visit 3 towns of our 5 days trip. First day in Granada next one in Cordoba and two others in Sevilla. I did not have a lot of chance to see more of Granada because I join my traveling company one day later so I visited just Alhambra and by the time I went there I was thrilled and in love even if the whether was not so good. I will write about all experiences in all three cities in my next posts. But, speaking in general about Andalusia, I think if somebody is looking for place to go for holidays and can rent a car it is great choice because it is completely different from other parts of Spain. Also it is comfortable to travel discovering all main cities and even small ones on the way.
 Hope you all have good weekend and the sun in shinning in your town as much as here in Spain. Be happy in all you do and find some time to discover and travel!

to be continua...

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