May 19, 2013

Passion for fashion #3 nude look

She is dressed but she looks like naked?? 
These days cream colors are so popular. I am not sure that a lot a going with all outfit in cream like I did but I think I did not fail with that. And also my favorite Urban Outfitters bag helped me for sure.
 It was amazing day with my friend in Elche and she was in love with my outfit. Not maybe it looked so good but it was different like I always go for. I prefer more dark colors for me. I need to add more colors for summer outfit!!! I really in love with yellow peaces at this moment. Maybe I will buy something in this color even if I do not think that this color fits me.

Sweater: wallis
Bag: Urban Outffiters
Trousers: Zara 
 Let me know what do you think about my nude look and tell me how do you think what is the top color for summer season?

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